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Parkside Home Loans

Refinance with ease. Buy a home with less hassle.

Are you ready to turn your homeownership dreams into a reality?  Our mission is to make home financing a breeze for existing and potential homeowners.

We know that finding the right loan can be a daunting task.  At Parkside Home Loans, the first thing we do is learn about you and your loan goals.  Next we assess the current market conditions and develop loan options that are tailored to your unique needs. We go beyond the standard options offered by most lenders, searching to find you the loan that fits you like a glove.

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Parkside Home Loans

Parkside Home Loans

A Mortgage Lender You Can Count On

At Parkside Home Loans, we take a personalized approach to mortgages that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re refinancing your current home or looking to purchase a new one, we’ll be right there with you every step of the way.

We believe that getting a mortgage shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all experience. That’s why we take the time to understand your unique needs and work with you to find the best possible solution. We’ll provide you with expert guidance on how to turn your homeownership dreams into a reality or how to save more money while you’re at it.

At our core, we’re committed to helping you make smarter decisions about financing your home. We want you to feel confident and informed every step of the way.

If you want a customized, personal approach, look no further than us. We promise to be by your side, providing expert guidance and support as you embark on your homeownership journey.

Tax Consultancy

This is one of many areas of professional services where our firm is well ahead of the competition.

Audit & assurance

People are only as good as the tools they possess. So, to consistently deliver high-quality auditing services.

Value Added Tax

We are providing and dealing with all sorts of legal and professional services and matters to operate.

Accounting Services

Our professionals provide a range of accounting and assurance services of the highest standards.

Tax Outsourcing

Unlike our competitors we have in house qualified lawyers and accountants who can help you.

Amazing Strategy

Operates an atmosphere that promote creative approach for clients needs.

Parkside Home Loans


In the market for a mortgage? We’ll do our best to make everything as painless as possible. It starts with a custom mortgage quote for your situation. We’ll supply you with everything you need to know in order to make accurate, informed decisions about your loan.

Care Values Our Mission Why Parkside?


  • Honesty, Integrity, and Competence
  • Assist you through any roadblocks that may arise
  • Help you reach your homebuyer dreams

To provide the highest quality service, financial education, and care to homeowners and prospective homeowners. Our goal is to empower you to make smart financial decisions by being your innovative and trusted source for real estate and financing information.

Our responsibility as mortgage professionals goes beyond just providing a rate quote. We help each client determine what their financial goals are and qualify them for a successful mortgage investment.

Each client’s situation is different, and it is why we’ve recognized the importance of having a large number of programs available to the many types of clients.


We bring a customized, personal approach to mortgages. Whether you’re looking to refinance your current home or in the market to purchase a new home, we’re here by your side every step of the way. You’ll receive expert guidance on how to move into your dream home or keep more money in your pocket.


We draw on our global network to assemble a team of experts.

He has extensive experience in organizational design, business process reengineering.

Fran Bostick

Founder & CEO
He has extensive experience in organizational design, business process reengineering.

Tina Holt

Federal Contractor
He has extensive experience in organizational design, business process reengineering.

Charles Wilkinson

Founder & CEO
He has extensive experience in organizational design, business process reengineering.

Michael Alan Tate

Vice President
He has extensive experience in organizational design, business process reengineering.

Suzanne Higgins

Senior Consultant

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